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At Fuller Investment Management Company, our clients are our priority. Through proven investment strategies and experienced professionals, we can tailor your investments to meet your financial objectives. In addition to our risk-managed and diversified investment portfolios, we also offer Christian-values-focused investment portfolios. These model portfolios are constructed from best-in-class funds that utilize values-based filters in selecting investments.

Protection against market volatility is crucial to safeguard your financial and philanthropic interests and to ensure long-term support for the causes you care about most. Aided by a long history of mitigating risk in our investment portfolios, matched with an understanding of market volatility, we seek to provide you with sophisticated and objective risk management.

We aim to deliver risk-adjusted performance to meet a variety of financial objectives for our clients, including helping you meet your philanthropic goals on behalf of Fuller and other global Christian ministries you support.

Investment returns may allow you to: