Investments that Matter

Fuller Investment Management Company is unique in its mission to offer investment management services to advance Fuller Theological Seminary’s educational mission and our investors’ philanthropic interests. Our goal, through the use of proven investment strategies and experienced professionals, is to offer Fuller and its supporters sound investment opportunities that will further their ability to invest in forming current and future generations of global leaders.

Investment returns earned from the Fuller Endowment provide support for students, faculty, innovative academic programs, and Fuller’s operating budget. The Fuller Endowment provides Fuller with resources needed to recruit leading scholars in their disciplines, produce the highest level of academic research and publications, support students through scholarships, and provide solid biblical teaching rooted in the gospel.

We believe protection against market volatility is important in order to provide long-term support for Fuller and our investors’ philanthropic interests. Aided by a long history of mitigating risk in our investment portfolios, matched with an understanding of market volatility, we seek to provide investors with sophisticated and objective risk management. We aim to deliver risk-adjusted performance to meet a variety of financial objectives for Fuller and our investors’ philanthropic goals.

Our unique mission frames and informs how we think, what we do, and the greater purpose behind wisely and carefully handling the assets we manage for Fuller and its supporters.