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Our History

Fuller Investment Management Company is an independent SEC Registered Investment Advisor and a wholly owned subsidiary of The Fuller Foundation. The Fuller Foundation was founded in 1987 to provide support for Fuller Theological Seminary’s students, faculty, educational programs, and facilities. For more than thirty years, the foundation has played a key role in supporting Fuller and helping generous donors invest in the mission of Fuller and other charitable organizations through charitable trust administration, donor-advised funds, gift and estate planning, and named endowment funds. Since 2013, Fuller Investment Management Company has provided investment management services on behalf of the Foundation and its clients.

Our Approach

In managing your assets, we consider your specific investment objectives, including return expectations, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, time horizon, tax considerations, unique needs and preferences, investment restrictions, and philanthropic goals. We offer risk-managed and diversified portfolios, tailored to meet your investment needs. We also offer Christian-values-focused investment model portfolios, constructed from best-in-class funds that utilize values-based filters in selecting investments. Our ability to offer multiple investment strategies recognizes that one type of investing does not fit every investor. For this reason, we maintain a firm commitment to understanding your financial and philanthropic goals.

Our Values

Our unique mission in connection with Fuller Seminary frames and informs how we think, what we do, and the greater purpose behind wisely and carefully handling your funds.

We are proud of our ability to combine strong expertise in the investment industry with The Fuller Foundation's decades of experience providing philanthropic services. This allows us to help you and Fuller Seminary reach desired investment returns and philanthropic goals. 

Why Us?

We provide highly personalized and customized investment solutions for the Fuller community. Our mission is to be your trusted investment advisor. Through shared Christian values, we seek to help you meet your financial, philanthropic, and investment goals.

Fuller Investment Management Company offers:

   ⦁ Personalized service, focusing on your goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon
   ⦁ Customized financial planning and advice available at no charge
   ⦁ Diversified portfolio management, including the option of Christian-values-focused investment portfolios
   ⦁ Integrated, team-based approach to meeting your wealth management and charitable gift planning goals
   ⦁ Robust performance reporting and access to high performing fund managers

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